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Tuners vs. Ricers

"Turners are loved and very cool, but ricers have no performance value and are crappy-they generally suck..."

Tuners vs Ricers

By now, any car enthusiast knows that Ricers can be defined depending on the questions ‘who?’ and ‘What?’. Today, we focus on the ‘what?’ and we are not about to classify enthusiast, so relax. The debate on the differences between Tuners and Ricers has been in existence for a long time now. Despite the various attempts to distinguish this two, there is still so much confusion (mostly because some people take the discussion to heart and classify any car that they do not really like as a Ricer) and the intention of this article is to break down the major differences in the simplest manner possible .I hope you’ll be able to appropriately distinguish these two well by the end of the article.


Tuners are factory-built with great performance in mind. Ricers on the other hand are made in parking spaces and garages. They are body kits, JDM parts, wheels, spoilers and other parts put together. In short, Turners are loved and very cool, but ricers have no performance value and are crappy-they generally suck. The most they have are stickers and body kits.


Here are the Five Major Differences between Tuners and Ricers

  1. Tuners make great drift cars but Ricers are not there

If you are a drifter, then you’ll probably hate ricers for this reason if not for any of the other many reasons. For a proper drift, you do not have to think twice if you have the choice of picking one of the two.

  1. Tuners really specialize in terms of useful and very tasteful cosmetic mod, Ricers don’t just even try.

You need classy mods, something eye-catching and fancy? Do a Tuner. If you are not particular about the look and how presentable your car is, you can try the dull Racers.

  1. Tuners use the best parts and you can tell well what’s going on under the hood. Ricers are a combination of the most available parts and it is therefore very likely to have an unexpected breakdown… Just embarrassment.
  2. Tuners know how to shift to get the most out of their cars but ricers just play around with the rev limiter
  3. Tuners put a lot of research and tangible effort towards producing the best exhaust and turbo sounds whereas Ricers prefer loud fart-cans and fake blow off valves.


The exhaust of a Tuner sounds good. It usually is satisfying to listen to. The one for a Ricer sounds very awful.

  • And just to highlight the other differences that will make the distinction clearer; Tuners do very impressive burnouts and are fast. Ricers on the other hand are not good at burnouts, although sometimes they really try- really hard! They are slow too.

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