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Top 10 Cars to Get You Started Drifting On Every Budget

"As a JDM car enthusiast, you want to know what car is best for drifting..."

Many car enthusiasts enjoy drifting. This is a great way to have fun while driving and therefore completely enjoy driving. For those who are wannabe car enthusiasts, here is the simplest definition of drifting; it is a style of driving that involves using the throttle, clutch, brakes, steering input and gear shifting in order to over-steer the car while maneuvering between turns. The bottom line for drifting is to have fun! It does not matter whether you are doing it at a huge competition or just on your own. It is exciting for the driver if he can negotiate a track while the car is completely sideways.


There are two great reasons why many enthusiastic drivers love to and really enjoy drifting. For many, the adrenaline rush that is brought about by being able to move around a track while the car is on its side and smoke coming from the rear tires, is all they enjoy. A more reasonable one is that the art is a great way to learn how to control a car safely at any speed.


Now the big question is what is the best cars for drifting? Well, drifting needs a rear wheel drive car that has an engine that is powerful enough to easily break tire traction. As a JDM car enthusiast, you want to know what car is best for drifting. We however, all know that not all JDM cars are easily affordable and the thought of how much it may cost to change from your current car to one that is more suitable for drifting, makes most of us just forget about ever owning a car that we can drift in. This should however, not be the case.


After a well done research, there is a list of ten cars that you can get started with. They are very good cars but relatively affordable compared to others in the same category. The list contains a variety of cars whose prices range from as low as $1000 to $30000.The cars have been arranged in order of rising prices.



  • Nissan S13- S14


If you are lucky to find one that is still in perfectly good condition, then you will be in for quite a ride at a quite affordable amount.



  • Toyota AE86


  • Lexus IS300


  • BMW E36




  • BRZ/FRS/GT86


  • HONDA S2000




This is quite rare but sometimes cheap enough.

  • Any NISSAN Z car


With any of these, you can drift your heart out while still maintaining your budget limit.


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