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Shaddowryderz Spotlight: Import Faction

"They always have a good turn out, and lots of people come out to showcase their cars. You should totally watch their videos and subscribe so that you get to watch everything that they have in store for you."



All car enthusiasts gather around, we have got something going down just specifically for you. Import Faction is the newest car meet group for all the car lovers in the DFW area. They have been making waves in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth JDM Culture scene for some time now, and we at Shaddowryderz.com are excited to feature them! They are all about cars, yes that’s all that they do; they live, eat and dream cars all the time. They are here to bring together all those who are so into cars from all around the globe. They offer a platform for all of you to meet up and talk about what makes your hearts beat faster. They showcase everything they feel you would love to see- they love cars too and so you can be sure they think just like you.


If you have been having any questions and have been searching the DFW area for someone to show you everything you need to see then they are the answer for you. You probably love some car and you just cannot get enough from word descriptions and pictures, they have the real thing in person. With their high-quality videos, they will systematically take you around your car from the inside to the outside. They show you the smallest details that we know matter to you. If you are wondering just what kind of engine a certain car has; how spacious it is, the tires it rides on, types of lights; the internal make; the steering wheel; stereo system; and just about everything else then Import Faction is your best bet if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.


They feature all model and makes and they pay very keen attention to details. If there is a car you have been eyeing so much, we advise you to watch their videos first and see its features clearly before you make the decision start your own build. The crew is very friendly and they ensure that people help you to fully explore the car and know how it works. Our aim here at Shaddowryderz.com is to make sure you understand your car very well and to ensure that you totally know how to handle it because each car is different from the next. The guys at Import Faction are open to everyone and really do a good job of creating a great car meet atmosphere every time they host an event.


Those of you who love watching cars as a hobby should definitely join them. We understand the thrill that comes with watching the cars you dream of. They show it the way you love it, everything that you will enjoy seeing. They always have a good turn out, and lots of people come out to showcase their cars. You should totally watch their videos and subscribe so that you get to watch everything that they have in store for you. If there is anything you think they need to change or if you want more of something or perhaps they have not yet featured your favorite car, you should feel free to leave them a comment on their Facebook page and they will definitely consider that. Import Faction is a really great group to be a part of, and we highly recommend them.


Here is good news for the car lovers in Euless Texas, you can join them and have the first-hand experience as their shoot their videos in most cases. They always announce their meeting locations on Facebook and instagram and you should feel free to come. You should also follow them so that you are kept up to date on cars and their fans are always willing to help you out in case you have questions about cars. Import Faction is all about cars and that JDM Life!

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