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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X N1 ExV Dampers Now Available!


Attn: All A’PEXi Dealers and Media Partners,   We are proud to announce the release of the NEW N1 ExV Damper Suspension for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X!!!   PRODUCT NAME: N1 ExV Damper   PART NUMBER: 269AM023   PRODUCT POINTS: ・APEX Integration Exclusive Design ・Compression and Spring rates specially matched for US road conditions ・Ride settings calibrated for excellent ride quality and sports driving ・Incorporates the same N1 Damper Series high precision valve and piston for accurate settings ・The Quick Adjuster allows for easy compression ratio (ride) adjustments ・Strut types incorporates a pillow upper mount with camber adjustments ・Other types utilize a rubber upper mount to eliminate noise and preserve ride quality ・Includes dust boot to prevent oil leaks ・Includes spring seats to minimize noise PRODUCT FEATURES: ・Full Coil Over Threaded Base ・Mono-tube Shock Absorber utilizing a 44mm diameter piston ・32 way ride adjustment ・62 mm direct wound spring ・22mm Strut type rod (All others use a 12.5 mm rod) ・Quick Adjuster, Coil Over Adjustment Wrench included ・Aluminum Brackets (Strut utilizes steel brackets) ・One Year Warranty for (Oil, Gas) ・ Spring Length/Rate: Front: 8 inch/8K Rear:  9 inch/8K     APPLICATION: 2007-2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X   MSRP: $1250.00   NOW AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!!!