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JDM’s Best Engines

"these 10 are definitely the best engines in JDM."


JDM engines are well known for their reliability and for being very powerful. This is the reason many car enthusiasts won’t stop preferring them to any other engines. These engines are light, quite small with efficient power production. I am very positive that you will totally agree with me after reading through the list below, that these 10 are definitely the best engines in JDM.

  • Honda B Series

B18 and B16 are obviously the most famous and popular too. The engines in this series produce between 137 to 200 horsepower.

  • Mitsubishi 4G63

This motor became the workhorse for many of the Mitsubishi cars. I have to say that my all-time favorite is still the turbo model. For this engine, the power is between 200 and 300 horsepower.

  • Subaru EJ20

This engine set a new standard for Subaru till date. It is the basis of the current EJ class. This engine can literally handle anything that you throw its way.

  • Toyota 4AGE

Drifters out here, did you know that this engine was in the car that introduced the world to drifting? Now you know! This engine has a twin cam setup and 16 valves. It only produced 128 horsepower; it was however perfect for the Toyota cars because of their lightweight nature.

  • Honda K Series

These are known for more power and larger displacements. These engines are found in the Accord, Odyssey, TSX, RDX, Civic, CDX and other models. The power ranges between 140 and 300 horsepower.

  • Nissan SR20

This is part of the larger Nissan SR. The engine has the best combination for a motor design; we are talking about the displacement of 2 liters, the Turbo charger, fuel injection that is electronic and the overhead cam that is dual. The power produced ranges between 201 and 250 horsepower depending on the car model.

  • Mazda 13B

This engine is tiny but not laughable at all! With just 1.3 litre displacements, it produced between 225 and 280 horsepower.


  • Toyota 1JZ

This engine is on this list because it possesses the three essential factors for an effective engine; it is reliable under stress, it has plentiful parts and very easy to handle in case of anything. It is still very popular!


  • Toyota 2JZ

This was once referred to as the king of JDM engines for a long time. It produces power of between 276 and 321 horsepower. It has six cylinders and twin turbo. The engine is still used today in various variants.

  • Nissan RB Series

The engine is made of a block of iron and its head is made of aluminum. The head has four valves for each cylinder and dual overhead cams. It produces 276 horsepower.

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