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JDM Tuning: Power With Convenience

"It is entirely possible for you yourself to tune your car though given that you've done a fair amount of reading yourself, it isn't the best decision though."

JDM Tuning: Power With Convenience


Power from stock vehicles might not always be quite enough for everyone on the market., there will always be someone in the pursue for more out of their vehicles, especially when their cars just doesn’t provide enough ‘oomph’. With car modification in the country being so common and such a wide aftermarket encouraging car tuning, there’s little need for a car to stay stock.


For the simplest, easiest and possibly the most common performance modification that anybody can make in an afternoon is debatable between an exhaust system or a cold air intake. Both take very little time to install when compared with other mods, and both does provide subtle power increase, moreover, they flatten the powerband by a bit, improving drivability as well, if you were to start modding your car, those will be a good start.


Notably, some performance modifications doesn’t even have major drawbacks or practical drawbacks that might affect the consideration of some people. For example, chip tuning, a piggyback ECU and the most expensive option, standalone ECU tuning, which can both increase power output and improve fuel efficiency, which is the gripe with most other options.


Above all, installation and the whole tuning process doesn’t actually take all that much time when compared to other options. However, it is definitely recommended if you were to do such a modification for your own car to consult a professional ECU specialist and do a whole bunch of research to get the correct one for your model, as a professionally tuned car will yield a clean and simple result. It is entirely possible for you yourself to tune your car though given that you’ve done a fair amount of reading yourself, it isn’t the best decision though.


If computer tuning isn’t your cup of tea, have no worries, as there still are plenty of choices you can make. The older, and by far the most tried and tested, option to make more power in the JDM community has got to be forced induction, especially when Japan went turbo-crazy in the late 80s and the 90s, given the fact that installing forced induction isn’t actually all that difficult, just time-consuming.


Although the general rule of thumb is supercharger for a good daily, and turbocharger for a weekend ride, turbochargers are without a doubt the far more prevalent method of forced induction in Japan, given that fuel consumption and cleanliness is a big concern over there, and a turbocharger, when used correctly, will improve on both aspects, and they really just can’t get enough of the famous turbo whistle.


Verdict, tuning is a huge part in the whole JDM culture, in fact, you can say that it’s the reason that the JDM culture exists at all, imagine those Japanese beasts without any performance modification. For some, it is where the fun of cars lies, so if you’re thinking about it, just start tinkering with your car now, and you might find yourself indulged in the whole hobby soon.

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