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JDM Culture Today

JDM is not a new thing at all; this has been going on for years now and has moved towards North America and many others, in fact, all countries.


In full this is the Japanese Domestic Market. Every car enthusiast has either heard of or been on this site. Japan is known by car lovers for vehicles that are performance enhanced. The market is all about showcasing different models and makes of cars which according to them have a clean and simple feel and look .This is what the fans and maybe fanatics of JDM are all about. The Japanese manufacturers know just way too well what their followers and admirers want and they do everything within their possibility to find out what the rare parts to add to their builds that will give it the feel of a true and classy import.


JDM is not a new thing at all; this has been going on for years now and has moved towards North America and many others, in fact, all countries. Their work is said to involve modification while strictly maintaining the initial or original physical aspects of their vehicles. They always have intended to keep the vehicles as true to their origins as possible. Save for Canada and the US, most countries import the cars directly from Japan. In the two exceptional countries, you will find that a lot of the parts have been changed or that they are missing from the original Japanese counterpart. This is due to a lot of makes being manufactured within the countries to meet and suit the needs of the North American regulations.


There are specifications for the JDM inspiration, they are very specific about what they are about and just to quote them,” We are not about Big cromed out rims and obnoxious body kits!” .They believe in the passion that people have for cars whether as a hobby or a way of life but to them, it is a matter of a lifestyle that they all love and embrace despite it being majorly based on simple modification and competition.


The culture appreciates both those who build show cars that are less functional with a V.I.P look and those who build more functional track/race cars. It also has a place for fast fun cars that are built for toying around with. It is all part of the growing car culture which JDM embraces.


Some people love JDM and appreciate their car culture and their presentation of the developing lifestyle; a few however, feel like things are being overdone a little. Of course it is acceptable to have an opinion. They feel like things have gotten a little ridiculous .They point out how they think it not bright for the Honda having racing bucket seats that have harnesses. Others find it dumb to put JDM dolls and stickers on vehicles. They suggest that JDM should stop the ‘stupidity’ of a competition involving who can put many brand name JDM on their vehicles. That they should go back to the initial idea which involved USDM vehicles to the JDM spec. The JDM car enthusiasts however keep defending their culture by pointing out that it is all about fun, culture and lifestyle; which is what JDM is all about.



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