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JDM Culture Music and Dance

"Music and dance has been known to define people. On many occasions, JDM has been associated with the hip-hop style of music..."

JDM Culture Music and Dance

JDM or the Japanese Domestic market as we all know is all about standing out. Uniqueness and sophistication are the basis of this culture. This is for real car enthusiasts who will never settle for something less when they know there is a way to a cooler modification. Well-defined by the JDM inspired cars and style. It is a choice only for those who would do just about anything to be on the cool side. Having to go through the hell of having to be unnecessarily stopped by cops all the time for having a car that is modified is not funny but for these car lovers, it is worth the price.


Talking about standing out and having a definition to oneself, everything around you has to be done in a particular way. If you choose to be cool, you have no choice but to do it all the way. This is why they have a culture that ought to be adopted by those so into JDM. What is the point of having a great and powerful car when everything around you is sub-standard? You may as well have an ordinary car and live an ordinary life. This is not an option for our friends; they choose to be different and do it all the way.


Music and dance has been known to define people. On many occasions, JDM has been associated with the hip-hop style of music. We all know that this particular controversial genre of music is associated with money, not just ordinary figures but huge figures. Hip-hop artists are on top of the game and it is just obvious why anyone who loves this culture would love to listen to and be associated with this music. If you closely look into the dressing of most people in the JDM culture you will be surprised to note how a large number of them have these T-shirts that have the calligraphy that is strongly associated with hip-hop music and artists. They find it cool to be dressed that way.


Of course we are not saying that they are restricted to hip-hop. Anything they listen to has to be cool, you will not easily find them listening to music that has not made a remarkable impact in terms of bringing in money. I think I totally agree with them on this because it will not make sense to play a song that is loudly ‘crying out’ brokenness when what you are driving is screaming the very opposite, unless you have borrowed the car and have no clue of its worth.


As for dancing, this culture has been greatly associated with the Dallas Dance Fest. Yes, it is still hip-hop and you really should check out the big names involved in this. I am saying this again, it doesn’t have to be hip-hop, it is all about the big names, great style and mostly the money associated with it. I mean, it is JDM! What do you expect?

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