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JDM Culture in Film

"...Hollywood and film sets have always used cars as eye candy for movies."

JDM Culture in Film



Japanese Modified Car Culture has only swelled in international popularity since its humble beginnings in the 70’s, however, JDM in films has simply exploded.


Hollywood and film sets have always used cars as eye candy for movies. They are an instant upgrade for films, inspiring a new generation of JDM enthusiast. The fourth installment of Fast and Furious (Tokyo Drift) Hollywood franchise sparked many fans interest for cool Japanese modifications and speed, provoking more movie production sets to feature the JDM industry’s hottest rides on the streets.


For those who desire more authentic films on JDM cars, check out Japanese movies such as Drift and Drift 2. JDM is not a fad nor is it a hobby…it is an ever growing and expanding lifestyle adopted by the millions worldwide!

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