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How to Start Your Own JDM Car Club: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step by Step Guide on How to Start Your JDM Own Car Club

So, you are a car enthusiast, right? Great! This, most likely, means that you are always talking about cars and checking to ensure that you are very updated on any new makes as they evolve. You probably spend so much more time analyzing and ranking cars on a daily basis than the total amount of time you ever spend doing everything else. A real enthusiast wouldn’t stop there, in fact, they shouldn’t stop there.

Why not start your own car club! Brilliant idea, right? I know… The thought of meeting people with almost equally as much enthusiasm for cars as you do, is almost mind blowing. You will get the chance to make new friends who will not, as some people around you probably do, refer to your car obsession as a “lame hobby” or any of those phrases that they use, simply because they have no idea just how cool this is. Can you imagine the time when your club will have grown to an internationally recognized car club? There is only one way to make this a reality; start your own club. Here is the most basic stepwise guide to help you out:


  •  #1 Establish the main focus

You need to decide whether the club will focus on a specific model, a specific brand or if it will be an all-inclusive club for any enthusiast. You however, need to do this while keeping the club’s mission and goal in your mind. This brings us to the next step;


  • #2 Write out your club’s mission statement

This is the main idea of the purpose of your club. Knowing this is a key step towards having a successful club. This statement should briefly outline the specific goal for your club. The initial statement can be drafted by you but as members join, you can have them help you to build on it.


  • #3 Set out your club’s long-term goals

Your goals should be specific enough and you should be in a position to easily tell when they have been accomplished. A goal can be as simple as aiming at a particular number of members to becoming a world renown business. Members can also set their personal goals- what they to gain from the club.


  • #4 Establish terms of membership

Here, you need to clearly show who can be a member and how they can become members. You can set an age limit for members and the membership fee. You also need to let the members know why it is great to join the club by letting them know what they will gain if they join the club.

Set out times for meetings; this is subject to change with time as members join the club.


With these steps, you are good to start!

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