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Arlington Music Artist is Opening Up His Life

Anticipating explosive growth, the music artist said, “I see SRA reaching 50,000 members in the first year, being over a million strong in 5 years, and then having over 20 million members in 10 years.”

Access to the musician and participation in ShaddowRyderz Army


ARLINGTON, Texas – Do music fans want similar lifestyles as their favorite celebrity or want to attend concerts and live events to their hearts’ desire and with people in their inner circle? When Dallas-born, Shaddow, who now lives and makes music to impact the world in neighboring Arlington thought about this; he decided that he needed to offer something that could take fans to a new dimension of enjoying and sharing his music. ShaddowRyderz Army (SRA) was the end result. Somewhat like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, Shaddow’s new brainchild takes music sharing to a new level. As he explained it, he makes himself more reachable and provides members with a superior way to enjoy music, videos and other online entertainment. Fused with an excitingly accessible element, SRA can also enrich fans monetarily through a special peer-to-peer sharing initiative.



With ShaddowRyderz Army, which comes at two different membership levels; fans can listen to his collaborative work, such as the new hit “Just Keep It,’ featuring Queen Ro and himself. Shaddow, who is a JDM car culture enthusiast, explained that he came up with the idea of profit sharing with fans, because they are the ones who support him and he believes that they deserve tangible evidence of his appreciation. He also said fans want to have a personal relationship with their favorite music artist, but in most cases find them unreachable.


He said he elected to use the term Army because he is making a statement that conveys the seriousness of the gathering team and the massive, explosive potential that lies within their cumulative clout. “It also lets them know that we are a powerful force for change,” he stated.


The concept behind SRA came to him in a dream where a battle was taking place in a huge open field. He stood in the center of the sea of people in that field. “I was not above them or better than them, but they acknowledged me as their leader,” he said. As he continued describing this vivid dream, he said whenever he made a move, they mirrored his movements, with a unified almost choreographed synchronization. “It was so powerful. We were a force for positive energy that made the ground shake,” He said the vision and details stayed locked in his mind after he awoke.

“I knew I had to create it in reality,” he said. Once he did, he gained his first member, who currently lives in South Korea. As he explained it, this customer reports that they love SRA and what it offers. People like this customer gain highly desirable perks; such as early access to all of his events, meet-and-greet opportunities, streaming video and audio, access to the SRA Worldwide community, connections to the JDM Car Culture and downloads. He explained that the biggest perk is exclusive access to all of his future albums as such work will only be available on SRA and nowhere else. To drive the point home, he said, “Not iTunes, Spotify, Amazon nor Google Play.”


“We have members from all over the world. Others are from the United States with more coming in from around the world daily.  I even helped a homeless man change his life with this.  People are excited that something like this exists now and it’s potential to bring so much joy in people’s lives; not only with the entertainment but with the possibility of financial freedom that it offers.”


Shaddow explained the amalgamation that he came up with, by stating that it is a single platform which gives fans the ability to make money by telling their friends, just like one would at a company like Herbalife.


Adding a bit of mathematics to the mix, SRA amounts to a platform of personal fan-musician relationship+profit-sharing+multi-level peer-to-peer sharing+the JDM Car Culture = wealth building.


Just like music fans, those who participate in the JDM Car Culture are able to meet each other. He said the music and JDM are the legs that hold up the rest of the configuration of SRA.


When asked why he wanted to include wealth-sharing in his fan access structure, he explained. “I figured what better way to solve their problems than to share my profits with them.  What better way to also thank them for supporting me, and what better way to empower them to live the life of their dreams than to make them rich through my gifts. So I am committed to building an army of millionaire fans: The Shaddowryderz Army.”


Anticipating explosive growth, the music artist said, “I see SRA reaching 50,000 members in the first year, being over a million strong in 5 years, and then having over 20 million members in 10 years.”


Issuing an invite to those who want to get in on the ground floor and participate in the future growth potential, Shaddow said, “If you want to be a part of the most powerful Fandom on the planet, this is where you need to be.”


For more information visit: http://shaddowryderzarmy.com


You can also reach Shaddow anytime by simply texting him on his Superphone ( an awesome piece of technology developed by his mentor: Ryan Leslie) at +1-817-500-0061

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