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The 8 Types of Guys in the Car World

"It’s crazy how some people have actually discovered that they perfectly fit in a category but they did not even know."

8 Types of Guys in the Car World

There are many types of car guys all over the world. There are also different criteria for classifying car enthusiasts and therefore, this article is not exactly conclusive. What we have done here is to try and fit each guy into a category and we hope that nobody has been left out. It’s crazy how some people have actually discovered that they perfectly fit in a category but they did not even know. Well, if you are curious to know where exactly you fall, then follow me and let us make the discovery together. Sure enough, some of the categories are kinda embarrassing but then, we have to have someone there, don’t we? All I am saying is that it is okay and totally normal to be in any; do not be shy, there are thousands of you.



After a well-done research, we finally narrowed down to these 8 types; feel free enough to accept where you belong. As I said, you are not alone.

The Tuner

You know that guy who will do just about anything to increase the speed of the car? Now, this is the perfect name for them. This type of guys will go out of their way to make you believe that a certain car build was very easy and so cheap.

The Drifter

If you are crazy about drifting and you are almost unstoppable at this, you fit in here. This type of guys love to smell burning tire, it literally drives them crazy and makes them want to keep drifting for eternity.

Wannabe Drifter

You want to drift so badly but you are not even good at it? Dude, this is what we call you. These guys will trade in anything if you let them drift a little.

The V8 Guy

These guys practically adore the V8 engine. To them, there is no replacement for displacement.

The “Look what I can do” Guy

Hahaa…This is one guy who wants to prove to everybody how much of a professional driver he is. Dude cannot keep calm but wants to be “that guy” all the time. Most of their stunts are completely unnecessary and they, most of the time, end up causing damage or getting hurt while trying to prove their point.

The Broke-ass Enthusiast

This is the eBay guy. To him, eBay is life. He wants to drive certain makes so bad but he cannot afford them. So he turns to eBay to find something that fits in his budget.


Now we all know how risky buying a car from eBay can be; missing parts, loosely fixed parts and generally, the cars are in very poor condition. If you ever intend to quote me for talking ill of eBay, kindly do not. Some of the stuff there is actually genuine but from experience, most of the vehicles on eBay are in very bad condition.

The Home Mechanic…Who cannot actually fix anything!

Dude, there is a reason why these guys called mechanics exist. Sure enough, a guy is expected to be able to fix some minor car problems but if you don’t know, you just don’t. This type of guys want to unscrew the car at home, if you watch them you’ll actually believe they know what they are up to, until you notice that they cannot fix anything and you can’t help but laugh. Please guys, if you don’t got it, you just don’t!

The Jealous Hater

This guy knows very well that the next person’s car is way better than his but he just cannot stop trying to justify why he thinks his car is still better. He brings up this conversation without being provoked or when you least expect it.

I am sure by now you are just smiling because you know what type of car guy you are.

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