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8 Awesome JDM Cars for Under $10K

8 Awesome JDM Cars for Under $10k

There are times that you are all set up to get that dream car; perhaps you have been saving for it and now you are good to go. However, there are also other times that you really need a car but your pocket won’t let you spend as you would wish to and you have to stick to a budget. Well, trying to buy a car on a limited budget can be quite challenging especially for a car enthusiast. You know a lot about cars and you are bound to criticize the model and makes of every car that you come across, some of them will just not be good enough for you in terms of performance or even appearance.

Well, working on a tight budget is not interesting at all. This, however should not limit you entirely from getting quality- you are still spending and so you cannot just throw your money away for something that you really do not like. Truth be told, if you have driven a JDM car before, you have definitely fallen in love with these machines and once you go JDM, there is no turning back! So, whether this new car you want to buy is your son’s first car or another family car, you will not be at all satisfied with it if its features are of way lower quality, I mean; you may need to drive around in it some day and you definitely wouldn’t be comfortable being seen in a crappy car.

You are used to JDM cars being able to deliver quality for your money, and the pride that comes with owning one. The various capabilities of these cars like tuning have kept you faithfully hooked and all you want to do is stick to JDM cars. So even with your tight budget you still wish to explore the possibilities of you adding onto your cool JDM car collection. This is exactly what this article is meant for, to help you solve your low-budget car problem.

JDM gives you the chance to own a cool ride despite your budget. You can still own a car with a relatively powerful engine and awesome build without spending beyond your budget. Here is a list of 8 very awesome JDM cars that you can buy for as low as under $10k! This is totally real, check them out;

  • Toyota AE86

  • Honda Civic

  • KM III Supra

  • Honda S2000

  • Mazda Miata

  • Nissan 240SX

  • Acura Integra

  • Nissan 300zx

The order is completely random. All you need to do is get your most preferred of these eight rides and you have yourself an awesome JDM car for less than $10,000!! Can anyone ask for more?

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