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"The 2016 NSX is able to reach 100 km/h in just under three seconds while achieving a maximum speed 307 kmh."

2016 Honda NSX – The monster is almost here!



Since it has been advertised for so long and delayed equally more, compared to top names such as Porsche 911 Turbo and Model T Ford, the 2016 Honda NSX will have a lot to prove to everybody, but especially to Japanese Domestic Market fans tearing their fingernails while waiting for the official release. So what does the supercar been adding up during its gestation period of over a decade?



The original 1989 NSX was amazing nevertheless. Even so, although its aluminum construction was out of the ordinary for the time, nothing else really stood out of the crowd; the NSX featured a fairly simple design. It was revealed under the form of a 2-door coupe with a mid-mounted engine attached to a manual gearbox. Keeping this picture in your mind and then checking out the specs for the 2016 NSX will make your realize how much the NSX actually advanced.


Twin turbo system, torque vectoring function and three electric motors to push the beast are just some of the elements which create the picture of the woman who’s no longer daddy’s little girl: the NSX grew big, mean and insanely fast. It did not however take the road of a modern plug-in hybrid as the price tag may suggest ($200,000). Choosing the Quiet mode on the drive mode controller will allow the car to drive silently for 1.6 miles; then the V6 takes charge. When choosing any of the other rotary drive modes, the 3.5 liter petrol engine teams up with its three electric teammates to deliver a staggering 572bhp combined power figure.


All the power is delivered to the wheels through a nine speed gearbox with dual-clutch system, available for manual or automatic operation. The 2016 NSX is able to reach 100 km/h in just under three seconds while achieving a maximum speed 307 kmh.


The feeling behind the wheel

It may not deliver the same brutal acceleration as the Italian supercars but NSX’s V6 revs way beyond the 7500RPM point and delivers power to the ground throughout the RPM range. Changing gears through side mounted paddles is fast and smooth; you also get a flashing red light when it’s time to shift an upper gear; the NSX definitely does not want you to hang on the redline for too long.


The electric engines suddenly get their whine covered by the roaring sound of the V6 but their presence is still felt during cornering as they work together to pull the nose of the car out of the curb and then propel it forward with maximum grip and minimum lateral loss.



On the inside

Featuring a combination of modest and luxuriant, the 2016 Honda NSX comes with Alcantara seats and leather inserts while other elements have been taken from regular Hondas rather from the high-end luxury trims. A small trunk is to be found at the rear, just big enough to fit a small baggage but not large enough to squeeze a golf set inside.

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